Prince George's and Anne Arundel County criminal defense attorney, Maria Patterson, handles arson cases.  

Early in her career, attorney Maria Patterson was In-House Counsel for State Farm Insurance Company as a trial lawyer where she worked with cause and origin experts in insurance fire loss cases.

Property Crimes: Arson

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Homeowner's insurance policies exclude fire losses intentionally caused by a homeowner from coverage.

Maria Patterson's experience in preparing or cross examining cause and origin experts in fire loss insurance disputes has prepared her to challenge prosecution experts that are often essential to the state's case. 

If you have been charged with arson, please contact criminal defense lawyer, Maria Patterson, at 301-383-1525 to schedule a consultation.  The law office of Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott is located in Bowie, Maryland.  The offices are located near the intersection of Route 50 and Route 301 on Melford Boulevard.

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