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Fantastic service & professionalism

I never had any encounter with the law until my former spouse falsely accused me of domestic violence. Barely anybody seemed to listen or believe me. I felt so devastated, until I spoke to Maria Patterson. I explained the accusations to her and she listened with empathy. She was very understanding and never once made me feel like she wasn't interested or that this was just another case. She made me feel like this was just as important to her as it was to me. Every time I called for a question or to give her some information I had she was available and never made me wait for a call back.
She was very intuitive to my legal needs and calmly communicated a strategic way forward. With time, the grossly exaggerated claims unraveled - just as Maria's proposed plan was in motion. In recognition of Maria's preparation, persistence and personality, the false claims were dropped and the case against me was dismissed!!
I strongly recommend Maria Patterson and network of legal consultants.

Thank You Maria

Maria Patterson represented me in Maryland approximately 1 year ago. Since that time I have moved to New York and have been forced to find another attorney. I quickly found out that Maria's level of expertise, professionalism, availability, and work ethic are a rarity. Maria was always available for any question, comment, or concern that I had. On several occasions she sat with me in person, and on the phone, and patiently and pleasantly elicited all the information she could about my situation that could possibly help my case. I never felt rushed or brushed off and was never passed off to a paralegal. Maria's presence in court was impressive, as was her ability to negotiate with another attorney. She is confident, she is smart, and she is tough. Most importantly Maria made a very difficult situation relatively painless whereas my present attorney, the best I could find in my area, is simply an additional stressor. I am very thankful to Maria for how she helped me and I highly recommend her services.

Compassionate Lawyer

Ms. Patterson was very professional in her handling of my case. She is very knowledgeable of Maryland State law as it pertains to criminal law. I would recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable yet compassionate lawyer to seek Ms. Patterson's services.

Top notch professional

Coming from a fellow lawyer who retained her for her services, Ms. Patterson is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. She has developed the skills necessary for effective legal representation in difficult personal situations. I highly recommend her.

Amazing attorney in Bowie, Maryland!

I am from another state and encountered a legal matter in Maryland. Maria instantly took my case. She was very thorough, informative, and always got back to me quickly. Within a week, I had to go to a hearing. Her level of preparedness was unbelievable, and my case was immediately dismissed. Maria is one of those people that you meet in life that I will never forget. I cannot express how good of an attorney she is. I highly recommend her. After Maria, I needed an attorney in my own state, and I was highly disappointed with him after dealing with Maria.

A big thank you!

Maria Patterson represented me in a criminal defense, domestic matter approximately two weeks ago. She not only approached my case with tact and professionalism, but she proved herself to be a subject matter expert as well. As most can understand, domestic matters are generally very touchy matters, and so to my surprise, I greatly appreciated her ability to understand the sensitivity of my situation as well as treat it as such. We thoroughly discussed my case, where she made certain that I was aware of all of my options as well as the potential effect each option. She was very flexible and open to my needs as a client; she was responsive, informative and approachable. I’m very grateful for her assisance with my case. She relieved me of my worries throughout the entire process and it was seamless, and more importantly the charges were dismissed! As such, I highly recommend her services – her client/customer service is unmatched!


Mrs. Patterson did a wonderful job in handling my case. I could not have asked for a better attorney. She was empathetic with my needs and did a superb job in court. She kept me informed throughout the pre trial process and was available to answer my questions immediately. She was so impressive in court that after my trial individuals sitting in the court room awaiting trial asked for her business card. I've worked with lawyers for over 20 years and I haven't met anyone as tenacious as Mrs. Patterson. I would highly recommend her.

Exemplary Attorney

Maria Patterson's professionalism, competence, and knowledge as a Criminal Defense Attorney is exemplary. For each of my difficult cases, Ms. Patterson went above and beyond my expectations and took the time to explain to me the legal process. Maria Patterson demonstrated dedication, dilligence, and was well prepared for every court hearing. Ms. Patterson consistently kept in close contact and responded in a prompt and timely manner to questions I had regarding each of my cases. I was treated with great respect and felt as though I was her only client. Thorough, knowledgeable, organized and hard working are just a few of the many strong attributes that Maria Patterson demonstrates as a superior attorney. I would highly recommend Ms. Patterson for any and all legal needs.

Amazing Experience

Maria Patterson is an amazing attorney who professionally managed my case from beginning to end resulting in a very fair settlement. I would highly recommend you consult Maria and her firm should you need legal representation in Maryland.

great lawyer

I had no worries during the entire time of my case, not only did she handle everything and make sure to keep me in the light about every little detail, but she treated me with the upmost respect, If I ever need a lawyer again it would definitely be her.


Maria represented my father in a stressful situation. Her guidance, counsel and empathy helped put us at ease. She kept us informed and promptly answered all of our questions. The attention she gave to detail and her manner in the courtroom were flawless. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone needing a good attorney.