Case Types:

Formerly known as embezzlement, the crimes of unauthorized control over property, with (or without) deception, fall under general theft crimes. 

Unauthorized control over property prohibits a person from taking or attempting to take control over property with the intent to deprive the owner of it. A person also may not use, conceal, or abandon an owner's property if it will likely deprive the owner of the property. 

Financial Crimes: Embezzlement

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Many theft cases are defensible because, although a person may take control over another's property, there is no intent to deprive the owner of their property.

A person convicted of theft of property or services having a value under $1,000 is guilty of a misdemeanor and could face up to 18 months imprisonment and/or a fine up to $500.

Convictions for theft over $1,000 are felonies and imprisonment penalties range from up to 10 years to 25 years, depending on the value of the property or services taken.

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