The possession, sale, and use of firearms in Maryland is highly regulated so it is critical that firearm owners, particularly handgun owners, know Maryland firearm law.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution grants people the right to have firearms but this right has and can be subject to regulations.

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Handguns are concealed weapons and accordingly are more regulated than rifles and other firearms.

Maryland firearm laws must be read in conjunction with federal handgun laws. Any local restriction by a county on the sale of firearms in Maryland is preempted by Maryland state firearm and handgun law. Before purchasing a firearm, one must determine whether they are eligible to own the firearm in Maryland. Maryland restricts the ownership of guns and the ability to carry a handgun. People with serious mental disorders and who have history of violence are not permitted to possess a regulated firearm, including handguns in Maryland. Fugitives from justice, habitual drunks, drug addicts, and people with certain criminal convictions are not permitted to possess a regulated firearm in Maryland. 

In Maryland, a person must have a permit to carry, wear or transport a handgun. To obtain a Maryland handgun permit, an application must be completed and a criminal records history check must be undertaken. Even with a handgun permit, a person may not wear, carry, or transport a handgun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many gun owners run into legal trouble when transporting firearms and handguns from another state into Maryland. The regulations involving the sale, transportation, and possession of handguns and other firearms are not consistent from state to state.

Criminal Lawyer Maria Patterson has tried approximately 100 civil jury trials in Maryland. Attorney Maria Patterson has been hired to investigate civil rights violations committed by police officers for the alleged wrongful confiscation of firearms and the detention of their owner. Maria Patterson worked as an Associate County Attorney for Prince George's County where she defended Prince George's County police officers accused of misconduct and violations of police procedures. Maria Patterson is familiar with police procedures with respect to lawful firearms and handguns held by citizens.

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