Property such as cars, trucks, currency, homes, firearms, cell phones,and tools may be confiscated by the police if they are connected to criminal activity.

The government can not take title to the property without seeking a Court Order.


Case Types:


The government must file a forfeiture proceeding where the property owner is notified that the government is seeking to take title to their property.

As a former Associate County Attorney for Prince George's County, Maria Patterson handled forfeiture cases in Prince George's County.

The County does not have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the item(s) seized were proceeds or related to the criminal activity charged.  Rather, money and weapons found in close proximity to contraband are presumed to be forfeitable.  The claimant of money or weapons has the burden to rebut this presumption.  Attorney Maria Patterson handles forfeiture cases in Anne Arundel, Prince George's, Charles, Montgomery, and Calvert Counties.

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