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Self Defense

In cases involving a mutual battery, police officers in Maryland are required to consider whether one of the two individuals acted in self defense when determining whether to arrest the person the police believe to be the primary aggressor. Depending on the circumstances, including the amount of force used and the threat of force that one faced, self defense may be an available defense to the crimes of assault and homicide.

Defense of Others

Like self defense, Maryland recognizes defense of others as a defense and a defendant must be found not guilty if these four factors are present:

1. the defendant believed the person he or she defended was in immediate and imminent danger of bodily harm;

2. the defendant's belief was reasonable;

3. the defendant used no more force than was reasonably necessary to defend the person in light of the threatened or actual force; and

4. the defendant's purpose in using force was to aid the person defended. (Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions, Chapter 5, section 1)

Maryland criminal lawyer, Maria Patterson, has been litigating for 17 years.  She has tried over 100 civil jury trials in Maryland. Self defense cases require a skilled trial lawyer to show the jury or judge, through witnesses, that the defendant acted in self defense. A criminal defense attorney also needs to be able to cross examine detectives and medical experts effectively. Self defense claims are frequently challenged by the testimony of medical experts that classify injuries as offensive and defensive. Lawyer Maria Patterson worked as an Associate County Attorney for the Prince George's County Attorney's Office. In this position, Attorney Maria Patterson defended Prince George's County police officers accused of misconduct where self defense or the defense of others may have been an applicable and appropriate defense. 

Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott ("RGPH") has a large family law practice.  The lawyers at RGPH occasionally see criminal charges and protective order matters involving couples.  Criminal lawyer, Maria Patterson, frequently handles domestic violence, assault, and protective order matters related to pending family law disputes.

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Maryland Self Defense law is detailed below by Bowie criminal lawyer, Maria Patterson.

The application of the facts supporting self defense to any bar fight, domestic violence incident, homicide, and assault is where the services of a criminal defense attorney are crucial.

Domestic Violence: Self Defense

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