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Stalking is defined as a malicious course of conduct that typically involves approaching and pursuing a person where the person should reasonably know that their conduct would place another in fear of serious bodily injury, assault, rape, certain sexual offenses, false imprisonment, or death.

A violation of the statute is a misdemeanor and subjects a person to up to 5 years imprisonment and/or a fine up to $5,000.  Maria Patterson handles criminal cases involving allegations of domestic violence and abuse.

Stalking charges are typically made against a former spouse, cohabitant, or boyfriend. Bowie criminal defense lawyer, Maria Patterson, handles many matters related to domestic and family law issues. It is very difficult to competently handle many stalking cases without a complete understanding of the family law and child custody issues that are often involved in these cases. The conduct that supports a criminal charge of stalking is also sufficient for a court to issue a Protective Order or a Peace Order in a separate proceeding. If you have questions about Protective Orders or Peace Orders, please visit Maria Patterson's Protective Order and Family Law website.

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Bowie criminal defense lawyer, Maria Patterson, handles stalking cases in Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Charles, Calvert, Montgomery, and other counties in Maryland.  

Attorney Maria Patterson handles criminal cases of stalking that frequently arise out of marital and domestic disputes.  

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